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Hello, and welcome to the Facebook page of The Autistic Mile. My name is Jim Gaffney and I am a computer programmer by day and endurance runner/author by night. My son was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 2005 and I was diagnosed with AS in 2016 at the age of 46. My job as a computer programmer pays the bills but my real passions aside from my family are distance running and writing. My autism story “Hello, I am Jim: A Family Story of Asperger Syndrome” will be released in May 2018. This book chronicles my life with AS and that of my son and the impact that autism has had on our entire family. I started The Autistic Mile to create a place where autism could be celebrated. The Autistic Mile is not a place for those that want to feel sorry for themselves or those seeking pity. Here at the Mile, group members are encouraged to embrace their autism and share their unique gifts. Whether its blogging, writing works (books, poems, etc.), music, art or anything else, we want our group members to show the world just how awesome autism can be. The Mile is a place to kick back, laugh and have fun while sharing that which brings us individual happiness and pride. Do you have something funny to share? Post it to the group. Do you have something of personal interest or an educational item regarding autism? Post it to the group. Just because this is a group to promote autism, it doesn’t always have to be about autism. Please keep an eye out for my random posts which range from educational to absurd courtesy of jokes and personal musings.